what's included

  • Our rental package includes:
  • Wireless Compact Unit WCU-4
  • 1 Controlled Lens Motor(s) CLM-4
  • 4x Sony NP-FM500H batteries
  • 1x Sony BC-VM50 charger
  • 6x Focus Rings

Arri WCU-4

The Wireless Compact Unit WCU-4 combines three axis of lens control with a lens data display in a compact and ergonomic housing. Weighing around 780 grams including battery, it’s one of the lightest hand units in its class, providing unrivalled comfort during a long working day.

The installed ALEXA Remote License allows you remote camera frame rate, shutter angle, exposure index and white balance setup via the WCU-4.

Our Alexa is a Plus type camera so you can plug in the Lens Motors directly into the body without needing a Universal Motor Controller.

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